Tulips Of Spring

Another really great idea is to plant early tulips with other early spring flowering plants such as white anemones and red tulips the tulips will look like they are floating above a sea of white. Very attractive. You can really mix other bulbs as well that will bloom just before the tulips such as hyacinths. The hyacinths will bloom and fill the area with some early color not to mention the incredible fragrance and then be followed by the tulips.

For shade beds why not plant early spring tulips between Hostas and Astilbes as the tulips are fading these plants will come up and cover the tulips as the leaves start to fade and go brown. This is also a good way to add color that would liven up a shady area before the leaves start to emerge on the trees.

Some Quick Tips

  • Tulips like a quick draining soil they do not do well with soggy conditions
  • Usually Tulips put on their best show the first year treat them as annuals and replace every year for the best displays.
  • Always plant in thick cluster 4 or 5 bulbs wide avoid single row planting it does not look very impressive.
  • Plant your tulips at a depth that is twice the width of the bulbs usually 4″ to 6″ deep.
  • Try both complementary and contrasting color blends to draw attention to your beds.

Using these ideas will give you a beautiful array of color and a full color show next spring that will surely impress every one and really please you!