Flower Garden Layouts

One of the first issues that any gardener must decide is where the garden will be located. The soil and lighting conditions will have a tremendous amount of influence over what type of layout and plants can be used. Shady conditions will accommodate different plants than sunny ones so gardeners must know their area before investing in plants. Another major consideration is space. Obviously larger spaces can accommodate larger garden layouts. However an extremely large space may look better with several small shaped gardens as opposed to one large grouping of plants. Small spaces, although a challenge, are not necessarily at a loss for grandeur. Incorporating texture, color and even potted plants can mean putting many different plants in a small space while creating a manageable and beautiful addition to any landscape.

Once these considerations have been calculated gardeners are free to begin deciding on colors, textures and pleasing plant combinations. Perennial plants, plants that will generally survive growing season to growing season, are a great way to invest in a flower garden for years to come. But for color and bloom all season long incorporate annuals or flowers that will last only one season.

For the look and feel of a traditional English Garden look for a combination of perennials and annuals that will tolerate moderate sun. Tall perennials can be planted in threes behind a colorful array of annuals for a flower garden layout that is guaranteed to please.

Flower garden layouts can be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Borders and background gardening can add major curb appeal to almost any property. Buildings, fences and hedges make great backgrounds for most flower garden designs. They add depth to the garden and the garden in turn adds depth to the structure. Creeping plants such as Morning Glories or Clematis are an asset to fences and they create a wonderful backdrop for other flowers such as a tall Zinnia or a random grouping other colorful annuals. Walkways look great with a trim boarder of low growing flowers such as Begonias, Pansies or Marigolds. But remember to allow room for each plant to grow or the walkway will become a path of overgrown flowers.

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