Flower Garden Design Technique

1. In making a flower bed, opt for one which is as large as possible. A lot of gardeners specially the first-timers would normally create a flower bed which is not wide enough thus the plant only end up with limited opportunities to grow. In most cases, flower bed must be 5 to 6 feet wide.

2. Never forget to create curves and lines that would set a section of the garden apart from another. This is especially helpful to create definition among the entire garden area. This will also be more appealing to the eye. Try to shun away from snaking or creating inconsistent lines, it is better to opt for smooth curves.

3. Plant in group for aesthetic purpose. Doing this will give unity among flowers of the same kind and you will also be able to maintain them easier. Those flower garden design that possess no grouping at all normally look all messed up thus experts suggest to plant in group of three or more. Also, this will add up texture and colors to the garden.

4. You should also add up a plant which can be used for edging, filling, and for background. Also, plant taller flowers at the back so they would not overshadow the small ones although these can also be planted on the side and in front for some cases.

5. Practice spacing, it would totally be annoying to see your flowers all filled up in one area. Aside from looking awful, this also would do the flowers harm since they will rob each other with the necessary nutrients obtained from the soil and water since they are highly jammed. Flowers must be planted as far as possible.

6. Always ensure that there should be balance and unity among the flowers. It would be wise if you could create symmetry through the use of a same plant along the sides of the walkways, gates, and paths. Moreover, to achieve unity you can just plant in group of three and try to blend complementing colors.

7. See to it that your flower garden design will be maintained no matter if some of the plant grows in abundant shape or dies. Flower garden design is not stopped since it is a continuous job of maintenance.

8. Get flower colors that will match with one another. All flowers are beautiful but it would be more attractive if they complement each other. You could ask a florist to decide specific colors and designs or you could just do your own research to save money.

9. Don’t forget to water the plant each day so the flowers can bloom beautifully, sometimes you will be asked to use fertilizers on them. Never neglect this duty if you want to have a jaw breaking flower garden design.