Design Pink Tulip Gardens

Usually pink tulips look best with various shades of white, light blue (usually a different type of flower rather than a tulip), magenta, or a variety of bright-colored tulips. Pink tulips look good in one and two colored tulip beds as well as in multi-colored tulip beds. You can plan ahead to design the tulip garden that you want. For example, you can purchase and plant tulip bulbs that bloom at the same time and reach the same height.

For example, the Apricot Beauty tulip is offers one of the palest shades of pink tulips. This tulip blooms in mid to late spring, that is from mid-April to mid-May resulting in a light pink – orange color. A parrot petal type of pink tulips is the Pink Fountain tulip which has fringed petals and blossoms in mid-Spring. Pink Impression tulips yield single jumbo blossoms that bloom in mid-season and reach a height up to 26 inches. The Strawberries and Cream Peony tulip is a double-blossom tulip that reaches a height of 18-22 inches in mid-to-late spring.

Another pink tulip is named the Angelique tulip. This one is a mid to late spring bloomer and it grows up to 18 inches tall. If you want a variety of colors other than pink in your flower garden it is recommended to mix this tulip with the Blue Hyacinths, a flower that is similar in type to the light purple Lilac. You could also plant this with a white tulip such as the Purissima Jumbo Deluxe White Tulip, which is a jumbo sized single blossom tulip.

Some online nurseries offer a collection of pink tulip bulbs. One colorful mix of pink tulips is the Appleblossom Pink Tulip collection which contains a mixture of both light and medium pink tulip bulbs and echoes the pink delight of apple tree blossoms. If you want to plant a pink tulip border around a flower bed, consider the Toronto Tulip, a single pink-edged vermilion tulip that reaches a height of only 10 inches.

All of the above are just a few examples of tulips that you can plant in a flower garden. This of course can be mixed with any color combinations of tulips that you want in your flower garden. Most of the time these are planted a few inches apart either in clusters of varied types of tulips or in one-color tulip garden patches.

A large part of choosing which colors would go together in a pink tulip garden is simple. Think of these basic combinations — white and pink, red and pink, purple and pink. Think about what you choose from your pink wardrobe to dress attractively. The same thing goes for your yard. Look at the variety of pink tulip bulbs that are available. Then choose the ones you want, buy and plant them. Get ready to see your beautiful pink tulip flower garden get dressed up for a spring morning next year.