Blowjob How-To – The 7 Critical Factors to Giving Great Head

You’re reading this blowjob how-to because you recognize the power of an excellent blowjob, so I won’t even go into the reasons why knowing how to give good head is important. Let’s get down to business.

1. No Teeth (probably)
Less than 5% of men enjoy it when women use teeth during a blowjob. So, the best way to approach this is to ask him. Alternatively, you can try it (gently) and watch his reaction. If he says he likes it or gives other positive feedback (like moaning), then you’ve found a guy that is in the 5% who do like teeth during a blowjob. If he says he doesn’t like it or gives some negative sign, obviously he doesn’t like it. And even more importantly, if he doesn’t seem to react one way or the other, that means he does NOT like teeth during a blowjob. He just doesn’t want to criticize you.

2. Don’t Blow – Suck
I know it’s called a blowjob, but that doesn’t mean you actually blow. Sucking, however, is encouraged (as long as you don’t turn into a vacuum cleaner).

3. Get It Wet
During sex, lubrication is naturally provided. In other situations, however, you need to provide the lubrication. During a blowjob, it’s easy to do because your spit is readily available. It may sound gross, but the wetter the better. Fight the urge to swallow all of your spit, and it will be a more pleasurable blowjob for him.

4. Friction – The Key Principle
The most pleasure will be from friction (the rubbing back and forth). The more your lips move along his shaft, the better it will feel. Of course, using only your lips will tire your neck out. That brings us to number five.

5. Use your tongue during oral sex
Using your tongue during oral sex can be one of the most important ways to make your blowjob pleasurable for him. It is also the easiest way to be creative while giving a blowjob. You can run it around in circles, flick it, and explore in search of his ‘sweet spots.’ So experiment with using your tongue during oral sex.

6. Use Your Hand
Just because it’s called oral sex doesn’t mean you can’t use your hand as well. You can use your hand during oral sex in various ways. I’ll give you a few examples. First, you can give him a handjob along the shaft while using your mouth on the head. Secondly, you can grip the base with your hand during the blow job, which will keep him nice and hard and make everything a bit more sensitive. One last example of using your hand during oral sex: You can grab, rub, and hold his balls or his butt while giving head. This can be a very powerful way to enhance his experience.

7. Enjoy It – Be Sexy
I’ll end with the most important way to make sure you are giving a good blowjob: Enjoy it. Even if there are certain things about it you find unpleasant, be sure to show him that you are enjoying it. Smile, make sexy sounds, and tell him how much you enjoy it. This will add more to a great blowjob than anything else I can tell you. It also might be the most fun part for you.

There you have it – the 7 Critical factors to giving great head. Following this blowjob how-to will work wonders for your oral sex life.

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