Formal Eye Makeup Tips To Live By

Formal eye makeup tips will allow you to look glamorous no matter if you are heading out for the biggest night of your life or if you are just hanging out with friends. To look glamorous, you need to know just how to apply makeup correctly, to achieve the desired, finished look. Learning how to put on eye makeup does not have to be a difficult process either. Here are several key steps to make your wedding or prom pictures truly amazing.

Pick A Look

Your first course of action is to pick a celebrity or look that you are after to mimic. Eye makeup ideas are hard to come up with on your own, but there are plenty of models out there for you to mimic. This is an eye makeup trick; mimic someone else’s look. How will you know who to select? Choose someone that has the same skin tone and hair color as you. Check out what makeup products they are using too.

Pick A Feature

A huge mistake that many people make when it comes to formal make up is that they try to make each of their facial features a focal point. Choose either your eyes or your lips and then apply makeup to enhance that features. The makeup you use in the other area should be more subtle. Select the area of your face that is where you get the most compliments.

No Foundation?

Another formal eye make up trick is to skip the foundation but to use a concealer for blemishes. How does this affect your eye makeup? First off, those that are young are likely to have beautiful, glowing skin with no need for heavy foundations. For your eye makeup, allowing your natural skin tones to come through will allow your eyes to be more set off from the rest of your face. Less makeup everywhere else helps your eyes to stand out.

For bridal makeup, consider more natural and soft tones. The white of a wedding dress makes your skin darker looking. Less is more here. For proms and a night out on the town, look to more drastic and deep color combinations in your eye makeup. Do this to create an alluring look with your eyes.

Formal eye makeup tips like these can be easy to apply any day or night that you are planning out. You can get amazing eye makeup ideas from celebrities by paging through the web or watching Red Carpet footage. The bottom line is to find an amazing look that allows only your eyes to stand out. Eye makeup techniques like these are easy to learn. Practice makes perfect! For a formal look, enhance your eyes.

Facials Are Getting a New Look

While the Edgar Cayce readings never actually

recommend makeup by itself, they do offer a

refreshing approach to beautiful skin, hair, nails,

feet, and hands. Healthy skin is really the result of a

chain reaction, arising not only from the cleanliness

and health of the body itself, but also from the

outpourings of the mind-with both aspects working

harmoniously in sync, a balancing of internal as

well as external beauty. Ideally the foundation for

cosmetics would be a clean, healthy skin, rather than

their being used simply as a camouflage for flawed

skin. Proper nutrition, exercise in the fresh air, and a

positive emotional attitude are all requirements for

healthy skin in addition to a good outer cleansing.

Facials are one way of achieving a proper external


Also called mud packs or masks, facials are

suggested in the readings for a variety of conditions:

dermatitis, acne, blackheads, poor complexion,

sagging facial muscles, or-as one woman, thirty-one

years old, was told-“…once a month, for the very

pleasure of it, we would have the mud pack.” (1968-

7) Usually astringent in nature (meaning “having

a tightening or drawing effect”), they also provide

a stimulation to the superficial skin layer, resulting

in increased circulation and hence more oxygen

and nutrients brought to the skin surface. A slightly reddish color or a “peachy” glow

on the face indicates the cleansing

action of the treatment.

The type of mud pack referred

to most often was Boncilla, whose

main preparation ingredient is a

special type of clay mentioned

in one reading as being “more

preferable…that is more of the

nature of chalk in same.” (1709-

5) According to the Edgar Cayce

Encyclopedia of Healing by Reba

Ann Karp, the clay was known

as Fuller’s Earth Somerset and

was available only in a particular

section of England, but the supply

has now been exhausted. Yet

several packs on the market today

contain French green clay or

bentonite as a main ingredient and

these might be effective substitutes.


No specific routine is outlined in

the readings. Basically, following

the instructions on the container,

the clay is dampened, applied to

the face and neck, then allowed

to dry, and fi nally removed. One

twenty-nine-year-old woman

who complained of facial bumps

and pimples was told: “…about

twice a month, throughout the

whole period, we would have the

Mud Packs; face and neck, and

across the shoulders, and upper

portion about the neck; especially

extending over the area of the

thyroids-as an astringent and as a

stimulation for a better circulation

throughout the system.” (1968-3)

Often when one receives facials in

beauty salons, the mask is applied

only from the jaw line upward and

doesn’t extend beyond the chin and

face, contrary to what this reading

suggests. So you can begin your

mask at the sternal notch and with

light upward strokes distribute it to

the neck and face areas.

Aubrey Organics, a leading

all-natural cosmetics line,

recommends steaming and

cleansing the face beforehand,

then massaging with oil, followed

by application of the mud mask.

When the mask is dry (after about

ten minutes), remove with wet

towels, apply an astringent (such

as witch hazel) and a toner (such as

rosewater), then use your favorite

moisturizer. End with a mineral

water herbal mist to hydrate the

skin. How frequent? Once or twice

a month, state the readings.

One young woman, twenty years

old and suffering from acne, was

warned that while the mud packs

would be beneficial, they would at

fi rst “apparently give a great deal

of disturbance, but after that the

reaction will be much better.” Not

only would the packs improve “the

whole of the complexion [but also]

the general health of the body.”

(1709-4) Excessive redness of the

skin or an outbreak of blemishes

may result from a facial, probably

due to a person’s excessive

toxicity. However, as the reading

promised, future applications

would give better reactions.

An additional touch: While your

mask is drying, have someone

massage your feet. This gives

a nice polarity to the whole


More Than Skin Deep

Extensive use of cosmetics

demonstrates our concern for

physical appearances and the

measures we attempt to keep our

skin in good condition. Mirroring

a holistic approach, the readings

indicate that a large percentage

of skin problems result from

circulatory disturbances, which are often caused by improper

glandular functioning, poor

assimilations and eliminations,

and spinal misalignments.

Cosmetics, however, do play a

role, as one reading described:

“Don’t depend upon cosmetics

to clear or purify the skin. The

cosmetics should be rather as

an aid to keeping the superficial

circulation in portions of the

face and hands in bettered

conditions.” (5271-1)

One final thought: “(Q)

How can people avoid aging in

appearance? (A) The mind!”


Enough said!

3 Aesthetic Beauty Tips For Achieving and Maintaining a Youthful Rejuvenated Skin

As we age and are exposed to free radials from the sun, environmental toxins and the aging process, our smooth, soft, vibrant and tight youthful appearance often evolves into fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation spots, sun spots and often enlarged pores with a rough and dry skin texture. It is easy to be confused by all the anti aging skincare products and claims for breakthrough anti aging treatments.

These 3 tips will help you to understand your options for skin rejuvenation and a total facial renewal without invasive procedures or using products that can actually cause more damage in the long term.

Aesthetic Beauty Tip #1:

Medical grade skin care products are your safest and most effective choice. Many products are not carefully regulated by the FDA and include ingredients that can actually harm your skin. Choose only skin care products made with all natural ingredients that are selected for your specific skin type and needs. This should be determined by a qualified aesthetic practitioner after a careful skin evaluation. Product lines like Obagi Skin Care products and the AFA Amino Acid line by Biopelle are excellent choices.

Aesthetic Beauty Tip #2:

Non-invasive laser skin care treatments can be a remarkable anti aging solution for tightening and rejuvenating the skin. This safe, comfortable technology can be used on the face, neck, hands and other areas of the body and has many applications for anti aging and other beauty treatments, many of which are not offered by cosmetic surgery procedures and injectable fillers such as Botox. Laser skin care treatment offers dramatic anti aging benefits including skin rejuvenating color correction, skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. Laser treatments correct uneven skin tone and eliminate such imperfections as brown spots, sun spots, age spots, red blotches, multiple freckles and rough texture. Other improvements include clearing of problem acne and reducing the flushing red, ruddy complexion of Rosacea. Laser skin treatments can reduce broken capillaries, spider veins of the face and other vascular-based conditions. After a treatment regimen that may range from 5-7 treatments, sun damage and visible signs of aging are significantly reduced, restoring a youthful, clear and radiant complexion.

Aesthetic Beauty Tip #3:

Self treatment for anti aging and skin rejuvenation can limit your results and lead to more problems later on. This is why careful evaluation by a skilled aesthetic professional is highly recommended. With advanced equipment and examination techniques, a trained practitioner will determine the best course of treatment that is likely to produce the best results for achieving your goals. Sometimes skin care products alone are enough while other times your needs will be better met with a combination of laser treatment and a regimen of pharmaceutical grade skin care products.

Before you reach for that product on the shelf, consider finding a reputable skin care professional who can offer you the safest and most effective skin care technologies, techniques and products for reclaiming your most youthful and beautiful skin.